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Penwise collaborates and creates learning opportunities

which drive learners to go beyond ordinary

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Unleash learner potential through balanced approach in academics
and co-curricular activities supported by advance assessment tools

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Prepare for the world ahead with advance assessment tools
and continuous learning

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Be guided by industry experts

At Penwise, get expertise from senior professionals who have made a mark in the field of education. Their constant support makes it possible for us to deliver exceptional results on highly challenging projects.


Working with education industry for over 25 years

‘Anyone who stops learning is old. Whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps on learning is young’. I could not have agreed more with Henry Ford, importance of learning so beautifully explained.

Learning is a continuous process, no matter what the age or stage of life, anyone can begin yet another new journey by learning something new.

A cumulation of many such journeys will make a rich and life well lived. With this as a motivation and guiding principle,  I aim to bring unique and valuable learning opportunities to learners spanned across various age groups. offering here help student explore and evolve.

At Penwise, we wish to join you in your mission of making learning a never ending and enjoyable experience. May every learner stay young forever and realises his potential to the best of his ability.

Smita Chaudhary – Founder & CEO

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