A Multi-faceted approach

Unleash learner potential through balanced approach in academics
and co-curricular activities supported by advance assessment tools .

  • Accreditation and International Qualifications
  • Personality and Career mapping tests
  • Developmental programs in Dance, Music, Sports and Physical Education
  • Educational Tours
  • International Student mobilisation


International benchmarking and quality assurance from world’s largest accrediting body in K12.
American High School Diploma (AIU equivalence received for India).
Contact us to help you take this forward for your school with American Accrediting body.

Personality and Career mapping tests

Let’s together help every child discover their interests and skills while still in grade 6th-10th .
With the help of detailed analysis reports a child and the parents are better equipped to make right choice to future career.

Developmental programs

Providing a healthy and balanced learning environmental in a highly competitive world can be a challenge facing the parents, teachers and school management. Introducing co curricular activities in fine arts, performing arts & sports can lead to well rounded learning and developmental of a student.
We bring established brands in these respective fields to ensure that a child learns from the best at the convenience and security of his school campus.

Educational Tours

Education is boundless and so is the aspirations and learning opportunities. Choices to learn and work are no more restricted by any country’s boundaries and are spread across the globe depending on the are of one’s interest. Our educational tours to Australia, Canada, USA and New Zealand are thoughtfully divided into three sections to ensure best learning exposure to the student.

  1. Understanding the country, its values, culture and people.
  2. Attending a workshop at college / university in the chosen subject. Example for a learner interested in hospitality, a tour for New Zealand  would cover a workshop at university covering hospitality as part of undergrad program .
  3. Experience meeting some of the corporates from the campus placements and visit actual work place to see the initial lifecycle of professional journey

International Student mobilisation

If you have the infrastructure and the vision to bring learners from across the globe to your campus, we would be happy to help you reach your goal.
Do reach us ASAP.

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